Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are launching in a Shopping mall within the GTA.

Q: What is a Claw Crane Game?

A: A Claw Crane Game is a skill based type of arcade game.

Q: How do you play a Claw Crane Game?

A: At our store, you will be required to purchase physical tokens to use in the available Game Machines. Our machines will have varying numbers of tokens as well as difficulty levels.

Q: How hard is it to play a Claw Crane Game?

A: We have a selection of easy to expert Claw Crane Games. Generally anyone between the ages of 5-99 can play.

Q: Do I need an account to play at your store?

A: An account is not required but it highly recommended as it allows you to track your total points saved and store your unused tokens. It also allows you to participate in special events and promotions.

Q: What kind of prizes do you have in your machines?

A: Our machine prizes are comprised of mainly of high quality plushies. Some machines will also have hobby, special and collectors items in them!

Q: What is the upgrade counter?

A: As you play in our store, you will win prizes! Which have a base points value. You can keep the prizes you win or use the points to exchange for choice prizes at our upgrades counter.

Q: Do I have to keep all the prizes or use all my points each visit?

A: Of course not! At the end of your visit it is possible to store your accumulated points until your next visit or to save up for that very special prize at the upgrades counter.

Q: What types of Claw Crane Machines do you have?

A: At launch we aim to have 3 types of Claw Crane Machines available; the Standard Claw, the UFO claw and the mini claw. We plan to add more variety of machines over time too!

Q: How often do you change the selection of prizes in your store?

A: We aim to have fresh prizes every month. Please stayed tuned to our Social Media channels for the latest updates!

Q: What kind of prizes are in your machines?

A: We offer the widest selection of prizes in our machine, from plushies to vinyl figurines.

Q: What is the upgrades counter?

A: Our upgrades counter is available to members only. It contains premium prizes not available for winning on the store floor.

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