We believe in a place where the embodiment of fun for all ages becomes reality.

As Canada’s Premium Claw Arcade Experience, experience the thrill of the game and enjoy endless fun for all ages at our state-of-the-art claw arm arcade!

Who we are

Our company was founded from our search for the ultimate retail and entertainment experience.

Our goal is to ensure every customer has the best possible experience every visit. We strive to provide the most unique and memorable claw crane arcade experience in North America.

Whether you’re looking to spend quality time with your friends or loved ones, we’re the place to be!

Our Arcade

Our Arcade features state of the art Claw Machines imported from Asia. In addition we also have some of the best prizes available in the industry. In addition, we will have the easiest to use and best points system in the market at launch. So you don’t spend time counting your points and spend more time playing instead!


Our Prizes

Our store carries the widest selection of prizes, from the ones in our claw machines to the ones at the upgrades counter. From Sanrio plushies to make up to high end toys, we’ve got something for everyone.